We dream of being visionaries, but

our visions don't reach 

far beyond 

our own world

We say the world is small, but

as the truth

we are small

the world

we created is small

Stand beside a Douglas Fir

Feel how insignificant I am

1400 years of weathering

and persevering through life

cannot be comparable to

my 25 years of








through life 

When I let the landscape absorb me into her core

I have an epiphany of my own


An epiphany that earth doesn't belong to me;

I belong to earth

When I gaze upon a range of mountains that are made of volcanic debris,

with rocks so abandoned that green mosses start taking over the landforms, 

When I am surrounded by the ever-so hostile Icelandic landscape that could engulf me into her earthly crust,

in one fumble

I finally realize: 

Nature doesn't give a shit about me

Nature is not moving the mountains, feeding the trees, and nesting the birds to look beautiful for me

Nature doesn't care I keep twisting my ankles trying to walk on those damn rocky paths

Nature doesn't need me,

but I need nature

I need the ocean to stare at

I need the mountains to climb, 

to endure difficulties and embrace my sweaty armpits 

so that I can feel that small victory of opening a can of beer




I need the trees to teach me their wisdom, 

to remind me that slowing down is necessary for growth

I need the wildest of the wild animals,

to tell me of our co-existence on earth

I need the bubbling geothermal sand,

to see that nature also has personality

Nature has been here before me,

with me,

and will be here after me

And nature probably wouldn't give a single shit about me

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